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I want to upgrade and can't find the page to do so.

Go to the members area (login) then 'Credit Shop' choose the payment processor you wish to use and you will be taken inside the shop where you can then make a purchase from our listed products and services. For a Summary and concise listings choose 'Buyers Block' to view by type of purchase.

Despite deleting some urls they are still showing?

Go to 'Your Info' then 'General'. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and then click on 'Change Preferences Settings'. From the next screen you can choose not to show your deleted sites/banners/text ads information.

Over-writing deletions with new information and then saving will auto-submit for approval.

My banners and text ads are not showing?

Credits to show all banner's and text ads are currently drawn from your regular account balance. We hope to be able to give members the option to choose which account they are taken from in the future.

You can choose to display your ads on site only or off-site which means that your ads will be shown on sites that have joined our ad exchanges. For a quick summary see the live stats page.

Click here for general tips on banners.

Click here for more information on our banners exchange and rates.

Click here for more information on text ads and exchange rates.

I keep seeing my own sites when I surf?

Not all TrEX members have direct control of the sites they are advertising (such as affiliate sites). Sometimes, members can be advertising a particular site on many traffic exchanges. Most traffic exchanges do not allow or show member sites to their OWN members.

However, on our site this is optional and this is in place to give you peace of mind that the URL/link is in fact operational AND BEING SHOWN.

If its not being shown on our site it means its not being shown anywhere else! This can save you many credits as traffic exchanges will continue to show 404/error pages and they will still cost you the member many credits!

Our policy, which is changeable by members is there to save you credits and not spend them! Many credits can be lost and wasted in hours or even days, if your site is not showing when advertising on many traffic exchanges and/or other sources of advertising.

You can turn this exclusive feature off but remember to check your own sites periodically! Click on the link below for more info how to turn this exclusive feature off!

Click here for more information.

I don't see anywhere to assign credits?

There is no need to assign your credits. This is part of our automated system. Once your sites, banners and text ads are approved they are in rotation as long as you have credits in your account and you have surfed the minimum 100 site views to activate your account.

Then you must surf 400 pages every 30 days to remain active.  We award monthly bonus credits every month to our active surfers.

All members can pause individual sites, banners and text ads to save credits. Or go to your account settings in the members area and set your account to pause, this has the effect of pausing all your advertising.

Upgraded members do have more control by setting a specfic amount of credits on an hourly draw basis for their sites, banners and text ads.

Read the Getting Started page for more information.

Click here

I can't log in to my account area ?

Make sure that you are entering your username and password correctly.

Have you activated your account? (See the confirmation email or request another copy from the link below).

You can send your new email address using our contact support form and on confirmation we will update your account and you will have access.
Contact Support Form Click here

If you received your confirmation email and can't click on the link... or if you have not yet received your confirmation email (allow up to 30 minutes)... or have lost your password - go to the link below.

Click here

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